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Disability Does Not Disable: George Wyndham's Story
George Wyndham survived poverty, polio and conflict and overcame prejudice. Now he is aiming for gold at the paralympics, 2016, in Brazil. But first he has to overcome the setbacks caused by Ebola and get to the qualifiers in and before Ebola, he was ranked number 3 in Africa and 18 in the world. He was invited, but could not go, to the World Championships in China, which would have qualified him for the paralympics. Consequently his world ranking has now dropped but that hasn't held him back.

As a child nobody thought he would survive. He did not have crutches or a wheelchair and had to crawl or be carried on someone's back. His mother struggled to feed him by making donuts. During the conflict, she remembers running from the rebels with George on her back- "they were telling me to put him down so they could kill him. They would say what good is he to you?” George overcame all this and when he revisits his old friends and teachers after many years, they remind him of how troublesome he was. But that was the attitude that got George through.He was determined not to become a street beggar and his mother could not afford to send him to college- so he started playing table tennis with a ball made from plastic bags and a bat made from cardboard.

Watch George's story and help him achieve his dreams to make it to the qualifying games to be able to go to Brazil in 2016. As young people, George's story is an inspiration - it reminds us to be resilient despite life's set backs. It reminds us to be patient and more importantly, to work hard at following our dreams.


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