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U-Report Thursday Talks
At U-Report Sierra Leone we want to create a space for young people to not only network and learn more about the innovative platform that is U-Report, but to also inspire a space for youth to motivate and exchange ideas for positive social change.

This is why we started U-Report Thursday Talks, a bi-weekly Thursday dialogue series where young movers and shakers in Sierra Leone share their ideas, inventions, and critically engage with other young people.

This Thursday's Talk is ' Design & Innovation - What is Means for Sierra Leone'. The speakers are experienced, innovative and pushing boundaries.

Kelvin Doe, Madlene Hamilton and Salton Massally  will lead a panel discussion on Design & Innovation - What it means for Sierra Leone and its Youth.


Madelene Hamilton | Title: Co-Founder, Impact Hub Freetown - Senior Program Manager, Impact Hub Fellowship 

Title of Talk: "Unleashing Talent: The Power of Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Sierra Leone"

Kelvin Doe | Title: Self Taught Innovator & CEO for K-Doe Tec SL

Title of Talk: "Creativity is best "

Salton Massally | Tittle: CTO IDT Labs

See You there!

See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.